“The Chosen”

He often thought If I could just figure out that one piece of the puzzle, then all of this could be chalked up to one, big nightmare. Instead, the visions never left, and they were even stronger than before.

How could John explain his feelings of impending doom, threatening to shred him of what little sanity he had left, without sounding like a complete nutcase?

He guessed it didn’t really matter, because if those visions haunting his dreams so frequently came true, most of mankind would be swept up in a cloud of dust anyway.

He had to figure this out, before it was too late. In order to do that you have to go back to the beginning a voice whispered, and somehow he knew, the only way he could go back was to die.

Great, he thought. This is going to hurt.

John saw the truck coming, and he knew he had to time it just right so the driver had absolutely no way of stopping once John stepped onto the highway.

“This better be worth it,” he muttered.

He walked out and turned to face his destruction, with arms wide open as if embracing his fate. The truck horn blasted, he closed his eyes and let himself drift away.

People who have died and come back claim to have seen a white light. They say there is an overwhelming peace surrounding you, and you no longer fear what’s beyond this life.

What a load of crap! John thought. Oh, he felt the excruciating pain of death, and there was no light, only an all consuming blackness. There was, however, a feeling of weightlessness, like floating beyond the earth’s atmosphere into the deep recesses of outer space.

Although it is short-lived, the trip back can be quite overwhelming, depending, of course, on the current life situation of the next body you inhabit. You just never know, and you can’t control it. If you could, it would be quite dangerous for the human race. That is why THEY wanted it that way.

“Who is THEY?” You might ask.

Let’s just say THEY are the whispers in your ear, the voices in your head and the prickles on your skin, sending chills up your spine, causing the hairs on the back of your neck to rise. THEY are the voice of reason, warning you against danger.

Most of you, of course, don’t adhere to these warnings. You just go about your merry way. But for US, “The Chosen”, ignoring THEM is not an option. Imagine those feelings multiplied ten-fold. It would be very difficult to ignore, would it not?

Now that we have that squared away, how can I explain my transition to you. I was John, a lawyer from San Francisco, before that I was a soldier in World War II, before that a king. Now I am nameless, as I continue to drift. Particles of energy swirling through the air, waiting to be breathed into my next charge.

I don’t see my surroundings, so I don’t know who it will be. The only thing on my mind, is finding “The One”, who is going to be responsible for the destruction of your world.


About phillystarvingwriter

Starving writer with a day job hoping one day to make a living doing what I love best.

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