Excerpt: “Untitled”

I don’t have a title for this yet, as it is in the beginning stages. I’m putting it in quotes because I still haven’t figured out how to format these damn WordPress posts.

It was the summer of 1972, the era of free love, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Somewhere in rural Georgia, where the moon was full and the stars were abundant, a ’57 Chevy was gently rocking to a romantic beat of forbidden love.

Billie Jo Jenkins, my momma’, had just turned 16 that summer. She declared her independence, much to the dismay of Grandma and Grandpa mind you, in an effort to break free from parental restraint. That was the night she chose to rid herself of what she often referred to as her virtue. The lucky recipient was Stevie Ray Reeves.

Stevie Ray was 19 but by no means a highly, educated man, and Momma’ knew he would never be considered an acceptable suitor. So, like all rebellious teenagers of past, present and future, she hid her romance.

What we, as the young generation, could never figure out is how our parents could come to know of such things. So, in a last ditch effort to regain authoritative control, my grandparents forbid Momma’ from ever seeing Stevie Ray again and, like all rebellious teenagers, she continued to do it anyway.

So, that night with her heels praising the Lord and the heavens above, she became a woman, and yup, you guessed it. That was the night, yours truly was conceived.

To say my grandparents were furious would be an understatement. To quote my momma’, “If you could combine a cherry, red apple and a steam engine, that’s what daddy looked like when he found out.”

Now, my grandparents were about to ship Momma’ off to a home for unwed mothers, but Stevie Ray would have none of it. He said to Grandpa that fateful night, “A man always takes care of his responsibilities and I would like to ask your permission for Billie Jo’s hand in marriage.”

If there is one thing you can do to gain Grandpa’s respect as a man is to act like one and own up to your responsibilities. That night, my grandpa saw Stevie Ray in a different light and gave his blessing,


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