What Do We Know?

When I saw this video “Tara & Bella” on you tube it got me thinking.

To know and experience the pain of humiliation, the sadness of loss and the joy of revelation is catalyst to that which makes us human. What distinguishes man from animal.

I realized long ago that people are going to do whatever the hell they want to do regardless of consequences.

Instead of owning up to the truth, accepting responsibility for our actions, we take the easy way out by placing the blame on someone or something else.

I say, “Knock yourself out. Blame God, your parents, your environment, society, your dog, your cat…whatever.”

But…when bombs start dropping and we’re all dying from radiation poisoning, the last question I want to hear coming out of someone’s mouth is, “How could this happen?” Like it was a big, fucking surprise.

You know what the true definition of insanity is, not as it’s defined by the Oxford English Dictionary?

Repeating the same behaviors and expecting different results.

How, I ask, can we possibly hope to change the future if we keep making the same choices?

History has an uncanny way of repeating itself time and time again. We must face our past and learn from it if we have any hope of changing the future.

Change is difficult, I know, but based on what I see on the news, in newspapers and in my own backyard, how can I accept the world as it is today and be ecstatic about the future?

We’re suppose to be more intelligent than animals, the top of the food chain, but you know what I found?

Animals learn to adapt, they don’t kill just for the thrill of it, so who is the more intelligent species?


About phillystarvingwriter

Starving writer with a day job hoping one day to make a living doing what I love best.

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